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Long Island International Film Expo

Everyone Deserves A Decent Life
The Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Award at
LIIFE 2014 - The Long Island
International Film Expo

Everyone Deserves a Decent Life is a film about the needs of and care for people with developmental disabilities.

Produced and Directed by David E. Feldman

Executive Producer: Harvey Weisenberg

Long Beach Wants You Safe

A 10-Minute Public Safety Docudrama
Produced with our sister co.: eFace media and Liz Byrne Vision of One

Narrative Features

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Long Island video and film production company

Recent press:

WATCH VIDEO from Newsday.com coverage of sister company eFace media and partner Vision of One docu-drama, Long Beach Wants You ... Safe.

Watch Newsday.com.

Watch News 12 Long Island.

Excerpts from a Long Beach Patch article regarding our docu-drama, "The City of Long Beach Wants You ... Safe" produced by Liz Byrne of Vision One, written and directed by David E. Feldman of eFace media and Vessel Films.

In the unfortunate wake of several drowning and rescue incidents in Long Beach waters this past summer, local filmmakers Dave Feldman and Liz Byrne recently completed principal photography for a public service announcement that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of swimming off the city's shores.

The $10,000 production, which will see post-production completion and distribution in coming months, was a collaboration between Feldman's eFace Media and Byrne's Vision of One production companies, with cooperation from Long Beach City Manager Charles Theofan and Long Beach's lifeguards and fire and police departments. Extras include local residents who act as police detectives, parents of a drowning victim, school children and other beach-goers. 

"Perhaps the biggest star of the film was the beach itself," Feldman said.

The documentary dramatizes Long Beach lifeguards taking to the water off National Boulevard beach in an effort to recover a young swimmer caught in the ocean's rip currents while friends watch from the beach. The film will also highlight lifeguard's instructions on how to calmly and safely swim ashore.

Click to read more about this eFace film.

Let Me Out by Vessel Films, a Long Island film and video production company

Let Me Out award

(A Psychological/Spiritual drama)
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Missing Peace
Unheard Afghanistan

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Missing Peace - a high definition video about the war in afghanistan. A movie, documentary film about United States involvement in Afghanistan, by Vessel Films, a Long Island film and video production house

Coming in 2010, to the Festival Circuit


Coming soon to Indieflix.com


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What Does It All Mean? a spiritual documentary by Vessel Films, a spiritual film and video production company located on Long Island

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VESSEL FILMS' goals are to make films that inspire, films that reflect positive values such as love, friendship, or spirituality, with the understanding that a wide range of human experience may fall under this banner. Some positive contribution to and reflection of the human spirit and or experience is paramount.

It is VF's goal to make movies which are commercially viable to a mass audience, most often with a skew towards educated viewers of college age and above. Within and/or beyond that scope, each film will have a target audience.

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